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2017-04-27 12:27:24 by FirePowerX

Hey everyone!

So i have been having this another update that im deciding to do, for now on i decided to little bit rename my youtube and soundcloud called FirePowerXMusic, it sounds more better and more understable to those who know who i am and what i do.

Me and @F-777 are gonna do the collab soon as long as he is finished his album featuring his new album, Chinese Dance Machine Vol 2! featuring 20+ tracks.

Oh and new song coming next week from me! hope you can stay tuned.

Hope you have a great day everyone!

A big collab with F-777!

2017-04-18 11:27:58 by FirePowerX

Hey guys!! 

This is such a exictment, well because me and my friend @F-777 are gonna do a collab after he is finished his album!!!! i hope you guys are exicted as i am, so be sure to check him out. =))

May 4

2017-04-16 13:21:38 by FirePowerX


Always in a bad mood..

2017-04-14 07:20:31 by FirePowerX

I cant really belive this but i always feel such in a bad mood this year, i dont understand why but i cant stop it anything, all i know is just i would get better and have more easier times, but i guess that wont happen..

Playing osu is so fun

2017-04-10 09:25:06 by FirePowerX

Yesterday, i played osu and i simply forgot my account to login, my acc on there is like 4 months old now and im continuing osu again to play, feel free to add me:

Feel free to review, ask here if you want to as well:

I always wanna feel emotinal.

2017-04-03 15:57:02 by FirePowerX

Sometimes i feel harsh and negative on myself, i cant really stand myself, but if i keep thinking positive and better stuff id really be myself emotinal. 

Just fuck this...

2017-04-01 17:04:48 by FirePowerX

Im done everything, i quit, im gone forever. (Not kidding)


2017-04-01 03:20:17 by FirePowerX

Okay... so if you ever wondered why im not making video game music anymore, is because i changed my music and moved on with my music to make it more prog music and more electro music.

Why? because i didint really stand up long to make video game music, but that really doesnt mean i hate video game music, i still love hearing em as i want to, so its not really that much bad to change music.

In any case, i really wanted to say that im changing my youtube videos alot more different with better quality! for example: (This one has bad quality but the next one will be better)

Also i want to ask about my school, my school has been quite really useless and bad lately, i kept having alot of problems, friend problems and other problems as well, i just cant really stand on school anymore, its just driving me nuts, so i kinda hate school, but i still study quite fine i guess, just class is kinda bad these days.

Im anyways aware that April Fools has begun! oh damn i acctually really missed it, its been a while since we last did a april fool joke, i think ill do one on my other account posting something quite funny, i really bet it will be haha ;p.

Anyways, i really  hope you get it now, its been quite ruff for me those months, but im getting used to it, i cannot wait for summer again to make nice music and hang out outside, its gonna be AWESOME!!

Well, hope you read it, have a nice day everyone and happy april fools! 

Does anyone use movie maker?

2017-03-31 17:02:33 by FirePowerX

I cant seem to make a good quality of my videos for youtube, i need help... i want to make it full good quality...