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Someone is disliking my videos alot...

2017-03-23 10:11:49 by FirePowerX

Idk who, but im really nervous and pissed that anyone dislikes my videos on youtube...

Alright, seriously why are alot of people using the geometry dash demon images on their tracks? its possibly because they wanna get featured so easily because of it, and the tracks sound terrible and loud... 

My production skills...

2017-03-19 07:50:32 by FirePowerX

Hey guys... i have really bad news, i cant produce anymore, my production skills have lost and there is sadly nothing to do, so ill be away on production for a while, it all happened when i was moving with my music, i wanted to do different, then after few days i got confused and lost everything, my production skills have turned worse and im afraid i cant do anything amazing this year anymore... im just so nervous that i lost my mixing,mastering skills, im probably the worst producer on this internet, i simply dont feel happy myself and i think past few years my music will be boring and bad... im really sad about myself and my music... i just want to do better... its just so hard...

Anime is fun to watch

2017-03-17 17:05:58 by FirePowerX

I havent acctually watched much anime, but ill get into it right now watching some newer animes.. i am really satisfied this year animes, that are coming, so i hope it would be awesome to check them! =)

Summer coming soon...

2017-03-14 14:19:21 by FirePowerX

Cant seriously wait doing nice music again on summer!

Turning my music more progressive and more electro

2017-03-12 13:37:53 by FirePowerX

Hey guys,

My music has been very boring lately and i would like to really change my music more progressive and more electro.

The reason why i wanna change my music is that my old music is kind of garbage and crappy, so i honestly want to make my music more better and something more electro, and even heavier beats and all that kind of stuff.

So in the meantime, ill be workin a awesome collab with @Lethalix wich is seriously better than my older songs and even the last collab i did with 2 musicians.

Hope you understand, have a good day!



Doing a collab with Lethalix!

2017-03-10 15:32:17 by FirePowerX

We are working on a house track, hope it will come nicely!

Chaoz Fantasy Remix!

2017-03-09 14:13:47 by FirePowerX

Just remixed chaoz fantasy, please listen:


I hope you like it!

Should i remix chaoz fantasy?

2017-03-09 08:44:53 by FirePowerX

Should i?

Thank you everyone!

2017-03-07 09:23:41 by FirePowerX

I am kindly thankful to you everyone listening and reviewing my music, i really dont honestly know what to say about it, but you guys are honestly the bests that you do for me, i seriously feel proud with my music and my life, i really hope past years my music will be more different and alot more better, cheers everyone!