My production skills...

2017-03-19 07:50:32 by FirePowerX

Hey guys... i have really bad news, i cant produce anymore, my production skills have lost and there is sadly nothing to do, so ill be away on production for a while, it all happened when i was moving with my music, i wanted to do different, then after few days i got confused and lost everything, my production skills have turned worse and im afraid i cant do anything amazing this year anymore... im just so nervous that i lost my mixing,mastering skills, im probably the worst producer on this internet, i simply dont feel happy myself and i think past few years my music will be boring and bad... im really sad about myself and my music... i just want to do better... its just so hard...


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2017-03-19 10:53:02

Go listen to tons of songs. Get inspired. Create music. lel


2017-03-19 11:54:47

Get well soon!


2017-03-19 11:56:58

geez..., just take a break from producing and do some other stuff for a while (a few days/weeks) and you will feel better :)


2017-03-20 02:39:52

Hey dude, I've been there. i've gone literally years without making music, and come back to it, and let me tell you this: your production skills will never leave you. You might be in a rut (it happens), but you still have the ability to make music. Trust me

(Updated ) FirePowerX responds:

I understand... its sometimes quite hard to do and think new ideas and put sounds what could fit, thats basically just my struggling i do.


2017-03-20 10:22:00



2017-03-22 22:19:57

don't do things that you want, do things that you LOVE.

same for everything else.